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Q: How do you get young people to want to be active & stay motivated?

A: G.P.A. (Goals. Planning. Achievement.)

There are kids that come from different backgrounds, different family philosophies, different interest & different talents. Our goal at KSE is to empower young people everywhere & make what they do theirs to own. Parents, coaches, & educators want so much for our kids but if kids do not want it for themselves then it will be an uphill fight. Following our G.P.A. philosophy gives young people a voice in their lives, thus creating self-confidence & empowerment. This process holds everyone involved personally accountable & motivated to be successful. Here is how we do it.

Goals Setting

Setting goals are things that any one person can benefit from. Adults do it every day at home & at work. We have life goals, career goals & personal goals. Kids can do the same. Genuinely getting to know what an individual child has in store of themselves will help understand how they learn & how to connect, creating a dialogue & allowing them to have a voice in their own lives. Setting short term goals & long term goals gives anyone something to focus on. Once they can see what they want out of themselves, they start to own that & become more motivated to succeed.


Making a plan is our next step in the G.P.A process. This a visual process that kids can go back to & look at to help keep accountability. This plan will lay out the process that they decide to follow to achieve their goals. We will be able to adjust our plan as we start our journey to succeed as we see changes through out the process. A plan is a guide to get us from point A to point B. Having a good & implementing its process will give make achieving goals real & practical.


Definition: 1. a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill. 2. the process or fact of achieving something.

Reaching any goal on any level is consider a success at KSE. Sure we may set our goals high & fall short, however we have to look at where we started & where we finished. Any movement forward & up is a step closer to our long term goals & it alway says something about us as a person.

ometimes just showing up & putting in the work is a success, from there we look at our goals & adjust. At KSE we encourage families to support their kids to continue working their plan & not quit. This is a great time for the family to start working a plan together. Plan to achieve together! Success happens at various moments in life & we look to facilitate, motivate & support all levels of success for both individuals & families.